Edutain Attractions
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Edutain your customers Actively.
Educate and Entertain your customers with interactive Activities

Our Mission

to unite the 4 key elements

in one attraction:


With our products we aim to intrigue users and to show them the value of KNOWLEDGE through interactive games and mesmerizing themes.


HEALTHY LIFE THROUGH ACTIVE LIVING is one of our main messages with educational value.


Our passion is triggered by the opportunity to create an immersive experience with educational value.


Safety is our Number One Priority - Our Team puts safety First!


Are Suitable for:

FEC, Water Parks, Trampoline Parks, Theme Parks, Museums, Zoos, Hotels and Resorts, Shopping Malls and Common areas, Residential spaces, Schools & Universities


Tunnel of Knowledge – Tunnels of nets with different obstacles inside which users should overcome to get to the House of Knowledge. In the museum-like

The Ship

1. Games Course: Ropes Course themed with the Sea/ocean topic. 2. Tunnel of Knowledge: Tunnel of Nets with obstacles in between the corpus of the

Know Your Planet

‘Know your Planet’ representing Earth with it’s layers shown in colors and interactive task to the way up on the platforms. An Unharnessed Attractions where

The Rocket

  Tunnel of Knowledge:  Inside the Houses of ‘The Rocket’ users have the space as in a real Rocket Ship. At the Starting platform there


“The Vortext” represents a whirlpool that has a downdraft. It has a Tunnel of Knowledge, A Games Course and two Big Slide in the middle.


The Planetium represent our Solar System and The Planets that are part of it.   In the Tunnel of Knowledge every Ball looks like the


Edutain Attractions is a producer of Edutainment Attractions that combine educational elements with physical activities and provide an immersive experience to users of all ages. Our Facilities challenge them to develop  their spatial intelligence, to improve their physical shape and to focus on problem solving with peers in an interactive way.

Our Team has a huge experience in the Entertainment Industry and an innovative vision . 

We are a Start Up of highly experienced Team of Product Managers, Engineers, Designers and Creators, Innovators, Constructor Producers and Installers.

Our Sales Managers are the face of the company. Their role is to listen to your needs, requirements and business ideas and then to take them to a brainstorm session with the rest of the Team. We then come back to you with a creative and custom solution for your Project.

We create Turn-Key Solutions by:

Making Innovative and Creative Designs

Engineering the Projects

Producing the Attractions

Delivering to Point of Installation

Installing the Facility

Performing Inspections and providing certificates and Instruction Manuals