The Rocket


Tunnel of Knowledge: 

Inside the Houses of ‘The Rocket’ users have the space as in a real Rocket Ship.

At the Starting platform there is information and pictures about the Engines, in the middle are the details of the passengers’ area and what it looks like to be an Astronaut and at the very top you have the Navigation Zone and it’s main functions. 

At the end you go through the Platform at the top and you go down the slide. The construction of the slide imitates the tower on the Real Rockets Launching Pad.



The Planetium represent our Solar System and The Planets that are part of it.   In the Tunnel of Knowledge



“The Vortext” represents a whirlpool that has a downdraft. It has a Tunnel of Knowledge, A Games Course and two


Know Your Planet

‘Know your Planet’ representing Earth with it’s layers shown in colors and interactive task to the way up on the


The Ship

1. Games Course: Ropes Course themed with the Sea/ocean topic. 2. Tunnel of Knowledge: Tunnel of Nets with obstacles in



Tunnel of Knowledge – Tunnels of nets with different obstacles inside which users should overcome to get to the House