The Planetium represent our Solar System and The Planets that are part of it.   In the Tunnel of Knowledge every Ball looks like the respective Planet on the outside and has information about the Planet on the inside. In between there are tunnels of nets with obstacle to overcome.   The Orbits of the […]


“The Vortext” represents a whirlpool that has a downdraft. It has a Tunnel of Knowledge, A Games Course and two Big Slide in the middle.   The main topics here in the Houses of Knowledge are:   Sustainability, the water on Planet Earth, Its importance, Our influence as Humanity on Planet Earth, Water Pollution and […]

The Rocket

  Tunnel of Knowledge:  Inside the Houses of ‘The Rocket’ users have the space as in a real Rocket Ship. At the Starting platform there is information and pictures about the Engines, in the middle are the details of the passengers’ area and what it looks like to be an Astronaut and at the very […]

Know Your Planet

‘Know your Planet’ representing Earth with it’s layers shown in colors and interactive task to the way up on the platforms. An Unharnessed Attractions where users can freely enjoy the excitement of climbing to the highest point.  Technical Specification

The Ship

1. Games Course: Ropes Course themed with the Sea/ocean topic. 2. Tunnel of Knowledge: Tunnel of Nets with obstacles in between the corpus of the Ship and at the two Sides there is a Museum-like Area filled in with interactive games about Fish, Water, Oceans, Sea life and Our influence on all of that. Technical […]


Tunnel of Knowledge – Tunnels of nets with different obstacles inside which users should overcome to get to the House of Knowledge. In the museum-like Houses users find intriguing games and information about interesting facts in regards with the certain Theme. Types of Themes: 1. Chemistry & Biology: Information about different Molecules and Atoms for […]